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U.S. Government Threatens AIG

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , on March 17, 2009 by FEGNS

Government Leaders are furious regarding recent news that bailed-out company, AIG is issuing $165 million in bonuses.

Congressional Democrats vowed Tuesday to all but strip AIG executives of their $165 million in bonuses as expressions of outrage swelled in Congress over eye-catching extra income for employees of a firm that has received billions in taxpayer bailout funds.

House and Senate Democrats were crafting separate bills to tax up to 100 percent of generous bonuses awarded by companies rescued by taxpayer money.

Great… this is exactly what the United States and it’s free market economy need: the Government stepping in and deciding how much people get paid to do their jobs.  Here we go… deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

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Nancy Pelosi wants one more…

Posted in Politics with tags , , on March 10, 2009 by FEGNS

In Political news today, it’s become evident that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is already considering another stimulus bill.

Pelosi accused the Washington media and cable news establishment of taking an overly critical approach toward the first stimulus package — and expecting too much too soon

… Right… because we shouldn’t expect anything our government does to work effectively, right Mrs. Pelosi?

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Obama to “Call Out” Wasteful Spending

Posted in Politics with tags , , on February 20, 2009 by FEGNS
Economic Stimulus Bill to Protect Vulnerable Polar Bears!

Economic Stimulus Bill plans to protect “vulnerable” Polar Bears!

President Obama promised today that he will “call them out” when asked what would happen if stimulus spending was spent wastefully.  “Them” of course referring to State and Local officials and agencies.

Ahhh… That’s good.  I for one feel much more comfortable knowing that the president wagging his finger and saying, “shame on you” is the only consequence for elected officials blowing billions of taxpayer dollars.  I can kick my feet up and relax knowing that he’ll call their mothers and get them into trouble.

Here’s a thought.  Why not take the time to establish protocals and rules to regulate how the money is used so that it isn’t used improperly?  What?  No?  There’s no time for that?  Oh ok… well let’s just rush right through things then.  Good deal.  It’s only 787 billion dollars.  Who cares if we don’t get it right?

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Controversial Political Cartoon?

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , , on February 19, 2009 by FEGNS

Take a look at the below picture.  A long look.  Analyze it carefully.  Make a personal judgement as to what it portrays and what it means to you (before continuing to read the rest of this post).

Delonas Political Cartoon from the NY Post

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Obama Takes on Foreclosures Next

Posted in Politics with tags , , , on February 18, 2009 by FEGNS

Speculation that Obama’s next target in the economy would be the housing market seems to have come to fruition today, as numerous media outlets have reported that Obama has indeed created a proposal to offer aid and relief to some 9 million American home owners currently facing forclosure.

I for one foolishly suspected that The President might let the dust settle a bit following the signing of a bloated, $787 billion “stimulus” package within the last week (view my take here) before taking more action in the economy and spending more money.  Thus, I was mistaken and a bit too optimistic it appears…

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“Stimulus” Bill Finalized

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Late last week, on Friday the 13th of February, both houses of the United States Legislature gave their stamps of approval to a “stimulus” package which is intended to jump start the United States economy by creating jobs, and developing the country’s infrastructure.  It bears a price tag of $787,000,000,000.00 and is the largest government intervention into the economy that the world has likely ever seen.

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