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Stanley Cup Playoffs – Round 1 (East) Predictions

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stanleycup2009-east (1st Round Predictions)

Every year as the NHL regular season wraps up, I find myself attempting to make predictions as to which teams will advance through the playoffs. 

This year is no different… so I’ve decided to break down my thoughts regarding the upcoming playoff series’ of the Eastern Conference.  The Western Conference predictions will be posted tomorrow.

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Avery “Accidently” Hits Boston Goalie Tim Thomas

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Over the weekend, New York Ranger Sean Avery somewhat reverted to his old ways, when he “tapped” Boston Goalie Tim Thomas in the head with his stick during a break in play

Needless to say the event caused a huge ruckus, and it ultimately resulted in a 4 on 4 situation between the two teams (which were at that point in the game tied 0-0).  To see the clip of the incident, view the bottom of this post…

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not one of those people that thinks that Sean Avery should be hung from the rafters by his toe nails (these people are out there though).  I actually think this was pretty funny, and pretty typical Sean Avery.  He riled Tim Thomas up something major, and there was every bit the possibility that Thomas would be enough off of his game because of the incident, that the Rangers could have won the game.

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