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Maryland Moves To The Big 10

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Everyone who follows college sports has been weighing in on University of Maryland’s recent decision to leave the ACC in favor of the Big 10 conference.  Maryland and Big 10 officials alike seem very pleased with the move, but I’d like to add my opinion to the mix with a wide-angled view of the situation.

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Maryland’s Black Ops Uniforms

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The Maryland Terrapins will take on Florida State this weekend (November 17, 2012) with their new “Black Ops” Under Armour uniforms.  People may remember that Maryland made headlines last season with a new uniform each week.  They also experienced some jeers from people who didn’t like Under Armour’s last attempt at Maryland pride.

These new uniforms successfully (in my opinion) take a more subdued approach to Maryland pride than their 2011 counterparts.  Not to mention the fact that they just look really bad ass.

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Maryland Uniforms for the 2011 Season

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When University of Maryland played the University of Miami Monday night, they took to the field with some very unique uniforms.

What has now become a polarizing issue, Maryland’s new uniforms have utterly dominated Twitter feeds and the university  itself was the No. 1 search term according to Google Trends.  Check out the new uniforms for the 2011 season.  They’re all made by Under Armour (the founder of that company is a University of Maryland alumni).

Do you love them or hate them?

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Blake Griffin gets flipped in First Round Win

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Oklahoma big man Blake Griffin suffered a concussion last month from a blow to the jaw, and after last night… it’s clear that his season of getting roughed up isn’t quite over just yet.

Morgan State senior, Ameer Ali flipped Griffin over his back and onto the hardwood in the second half after the two became “entangled” in a dangerous looking incident that could have turned out worse for Griffin than it actually did.

While it was quite obviously an intentional foul that could have been avoided by Ali… and while it was much deserving of the ejection that Ali received, the backlash that has occured since the incident is completely uncalled for.

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Big East – Highlight of Selection Sunday

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Yesterday was “Selection Sunday” for the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tourney, and the Big East won out big time with 3 out of the top 4 seeds in the tournament.  Louisville, Pittsburgh and Connecticut are all NO.1 seeds (each in different regions/divisions of the tournament bracket). 

If you include No. 3 seeds Syracuse and Villanova, the Big East has five of the top 12 seeded teams in the tournament. 

Now we all know that this stuff means absolutely nothing once the tournament starts (there’s a reason it’s called March Madness… any team can win or lose at ANY time), but it is interesting to note the swing back to the Big East this year after the ACC and other major conferences have dominated the top positions in recent years.

Click Here, to see the complete (printable) Mens NCAA tournament bracket. 

… or Click Here to see what the “experts” think will shake out once action starts this Thursday.

Andre Smith = Big Loser

Posted in Football with tags , , , , on February 24, 2009 by FEGNS

Yesterday, I posted a quick recap of some of the winners and losers of the recent NFL Combine.  In this post, I mentioned the bizarre actions of Alabama Offensive Tackle Andre Smith. 

Well… late yesterday, an article over at cnbc broke down exactly how much money Smith may have lost due to his antics and poor decisions at this year’s NFL Combine.

Darren Rovell speculates in the article that had Smith been selected first overall, he may have gotten upwards of $30 million of guaranteed money.  Rovell then goes on to propose that should Smith drop as far as the bottom of the first round, he may only see about $6.1 million of guaranteed money.  That’s a staggering difference of 23.9 million dollars.

It really is interesting that a player can spend his entire life with a lucrative professional contract as his goal, only to literally shoot himself in the foot a month or two from achieving that goal.

It’s just amazing to me how anyone who was in college for 5 years could risk throwing that much money away for no reason(s) than childishness and stupidity…

2009 NFL Combine

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2009 NFL Draftee: Darrius Heyward-Bey

2009 NFL Draftee: WR Darrius Heyward-Bey

This past weekend, numerous young athletes made their way to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana for what could prove to be a crucial step in their futures as football players, and professional athletes.  Some impressed and improved their stock to NFL teams watching, while some disappointed.  Others, surprisingly didn’t even show up.

The Winners: Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry impressed with his interview skills.  He showed everyone that he’s a very intelligent, charismatic player (which are important traits for linebackers in particular to have).  He could be this year’s franchise linebacker option for teams that are looking to rebuild through the draft, and could very possibly end up being picked in the top 3 overall.

South Carolina’s Jared Cook (WR) made the switch to Tight End, and impressed with a 4.43 second 40 yard dash, and a 41 inch vertical leap.  As a player that was projected to be drafted mid to late first round, his stock improves dramatically, and he could possibly be looking at a top 10 overall selection.

Maryland Wide Receiver, Darrius Heyward-Bey (pictured above) ran impressive 40 yard dash times in the 4.27 range.  Heyward-Bey looked like it took absolutely no effort on his part to post these astonishing speed numbers.  He’s been touted as possibly the fastest player in the draft, and with such remarkable proof of his pure speed, it is difficult to believe that he’ll fall any further than 20th overall on draft day.  His combination of size, speed and explosion will make it tough for teams looking for wide receivers to pass him up in the first round… because they probably won’t get another shot at him if they do so.

The Losers: Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree discovered this weekend that he has a stress fracture in his left foot.  The injury could sideline him for up to 10 weeks after surgery, and is a concern for teams interested in him.  Widely considered as a top 5 overall prospect in the coming draft, his stock takes a slight hit with this news.

The Bizarre: Alabama OT Andre Smith failed to appear at Saturday’s morning workout, and after a while it became apparent that he voluntarily returned to Atlanta to meet with his personal trainer.  This is a very interesting move for a player who’s livelihood could possibly depend on receiving a lucrative NFL contract.  Many teams are willing to take on a discipline case if the player is proven at the NFL level, but if that problem child is a rookie, or young player who hasn’t proven anything yet at the professional level, behavior like this can cost a guy some major dollars and/or signing bonuses.