McFadden’s Bar Racist Promo

A local Washington DC bar is in a lot of trouble this week due to a recent poorly chosen marketing campaign (pictured above).  They were advertising a Thanksgiving party (which in itself sounds like a pretty lame way to drum up sales around the holiday season – when people should be spending time with family), but they did so in such a callous, ignorant fashion that the area and the internet as a whole is resounding with charged responses.

The noteworthy part of the poster can be found in the reference to “drinking like an Indian.”  Native Americans have possibly the largest problem with alcoholism of any ethnic group in the United States; in fact 1 in every 10 Native American deaths is alcohol related.  That’s staggeringly 3 times higher than the national average.  To market this event in such a way is just terrible taste.

McFadden’s has supposedly pulled the advertisement and cancelled the event (I have no confirmation of this) as facebook users have been absolutely blasting McFadden’s facebook fan page.  Some examples of these posts:

“So what’s your next weekly special going to be? Shame, regret, hate and ignorance blended over ice? How about an eviction notice, neat with a lime wedge? Looking forward to it.”


“What a pity that you run such a racist establishment. I hope you have no business at all…you certainly don’t deserve any.”


“You guys are pretty racist. Bummed to see this coming out of what is supposed to be an enlightened city, but from the looks of it, your entire chain of restaurants promotes this bullshit. It goes without saying that you should be ashamed, and I can only hope you are soon out of business.”

Given that McFadden’s recently topped the Complex City Guide’s list of The 25 Douchiest Bars in Washington D.C., we shouldn’t really be surprised to see this… but I guess their management missed that memo about November being Native American Heritage Month.


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