Maryland’s Black Ops Uniforms

The Maryland Terrapins will take on Florida State this weekend (November 17, 2012) with their new “Black Ops” Under Armour uniforms.  People may remember that Maryland made headlines last season with a new uniform each week.  They also experienced some jeers from people who didn’t like Under Armour’s last attempt at Maryland pride.

These new uniforms successfully (in my opinion) take a more subdued approach to Maryland pride than their 2011 counterparts.  Not to mention the fact that they just look really bad ass.

Feedback thus far on the message boards has been mixed regarding the uniforms, with many of the comments focused on the success of Maryland’s team thus far this season.  Here’s some examples of what’s been said:


“Maryland might win if someone starts playing with the lights during the game.  They can hide in the shadows.  Maybe 22 players will be out there on defense.

Like the uni’s though.  Some team needs to wear these for all home games.”

Mr. Brightside

“Wearing cutting-edge alternate uniforms is only cool if you’re a winning team. If you’re not, it comes across as gimmicky.”

I’m of the mindset that increased media attention brings in more money, and more money brings in better recruits in the long run.  Plus, appealing to high school aged players who’re deciding where to play college ball with unique uniforms might be better than trying to draw them with your school’s losing record.

What do you all think?


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