Time Magazine – Jackass Editor

This morning I stumbled across a column written by Joel Stein for Time Magazine.com that made me vomit in my mouth.  Apparently, Mr. Stein’s douche-bag of an editor thinks that hockey (more specifically NHL hockey) is not relevant enough to appear as part of a Time Magazine publication.

This editor gave Stein one last chance to prove that hockey was worth writing about.  You can see Stein’s final(?) article here.  There is also a place on the page where readers can vote on the issue (“yes” to ban him from writing about hockey, “no” to keep him writing about the NHL and hockey).

Now that the background information regarding this situation is out of the way, allow me to react to this crap.

1) As a hockey fan, I continue to be disgusted by “average” America’s treatment of the sport.  I don’t care if you like it or not.  That’s each person’s choice, but to try and censor writers from writing about the sport because you don’t “like” it or “think that it’s relevant” is just absolutely asinine.

I fucking hate baseball as a sport.  I think it’s boring and pointless, and I think that the players make way to much money to stand in a field watching grass grow or sit on a bench scratching their crotches.  I would not for one second suggest that fans of the game be deprived of media coverage and articles regarding their beloved sport.  Anyone who would do this (regarding any sport) is a short-sighted buffoon, who shouldn’t be in a position of power in any media outlet.

2) If the editor really wants to cut corners and eliminate articles (for whatever reason), I suggest he look in the direction of the NBA.  Numbers and ratings suggest that the NBA is far less relevant in North America than the NHL.

For that matter, why not eliminate golf media coverage?  How about soccer media coverage?  I’m sure that those things aren’t relevant either right?  Stupid.  Stupid and short-sighted.


Currently, the poll results indicate that the vast majority of people are fine with Mr. Stein writing hockey articles, but I encourage everyone who reads this blog to hop over there and vote “no” as well.  Even if you aren’t a hockey fan, vote “no” to this kind of horseshit media censorship that seems to be quite popular these days.


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