(Artist) Marta Dahlig – 7 Deadly Sins

After my Dominic Marco posts received way more attention than I expected, I find myself interested in featuring more artists and their work here on FEGNS.  Art is one of the purest and earliest forms of entertainment, so I believe that posting art (of various types) here on FEGNS in the Entertainment section is quite appropriate…

As a child, I often visited museums and art galleries, and came to greatly appreciate many different forms of art, and I look forward to posting much more of this subject here in this venue.



This post depicts a stunning series done by Marta Dahlig portraying the “Seven Deadly Sins” of religious and other literary texts.  She uses breathtaking imagery and color to bring these separate works together as a set, while small details in each piece make the works unique as well.   

You can find more of Marta Dahlig’s work (as well as a place to buy prints of her artwork) here at deviantART.





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