2009 NHL Awards – The Givens


As of April 12th, 2009… the recipients for three of the many yearly NHL awards were decided: The Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy (which is awarded to the most proficient goal scorer each season), the Art Ross Trophy (which is awarded to the most proficient point getter each season), and the Presidents Trophy (which is awarded to the team with the best record at the end of the regular season). 

These awards are not determined by votes and as of the end of the last regular season game this past Sunday night, their winners have been determined.

Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy – Alexander Ovechkin
maurice richard trophy-top goal scorerFor the 2nd straight season, Alexander “the Gr8” Ovechkin takes home this trophy.  He scored 56 goals this year (ten more than runner up, Jeff Carter who had 46).  In four seasons in the NHL, Ovechkin has totalled 219 goals (an impressive average of 54.75 per season), and has been better than any other player in that same span. 

While this is “only” the second year that Ovechkin has won the award, but it’s safe to say that the (now) 23 year old will win it a few more times before he hangs up the skates for good.

Art Ross Trophy – Evgeni Malkin
art ross trophy-top point scorerAs is seemingly the case every year, the Art Ross Trophy was quite the race down the home stretch.  Malkin has had the league lead in points for a while now, but Alexander Ovechkin and Malkin’s teammate Sidney Crosby certainly made things interesting down the stretch. 

As it worked out, Malkin won the title by finishing the season with 113 points (3 more than Ovechkin’s 110). 

Of the “big three” young stars in today’s NHL (Crosby, Ovechkin, and Malkin)… all three have now won the Art Ross Trophy for leading the league in points.

Presidents Trophy – San Jose Sharks
presidents trophy-best overall recordWhile the Detroit Red Wings were in the running to win the Presidents Trophy again this year, San Jose managed to finish the season with a better record than them and the juggernaut from the Eastern Conference: The Boston Bruins. 

San Jose finished with a sparkling 53-18-11 record, losing only 5 games in regulation on home ice. 

You’d have to look back to the 2005-06 season to find the last time a team finished with more points in the standings than San Jose (117) did this year.  The team to do it was none other than the Detroit Red Wings with 124 whopping points in the standings and a 58-16-8 regular season record.

Interestingly enough, that same incredibly dominant Detroit team from 2005-06 lost in the first round of the playoffs to an 8th Seed Edmonton squad that went all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Could the surging Anaheim Ducks repeat the feat this season against the President Trophy winning Sharks?  The two underdog teams do have one thing in common: Norris Trophy & Stanley Cup winning Defender, Chris Pronger.


As the finalists for the remaining NHL awards are released, I’ll be sure to continue to update you on them here on FEGNS. 

Enjoy the first round of the NHL Playoffs!

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