Canucks and Blackhawks… Ding Ding!

March 29th.  The Vancouver Canucks played the Chicago Blackhawks in an important western conference matchup that would possibly dictate playoff seeding and home ice advantage for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

Vancouver ended up winning the game soundly, but that wasn’t what drew the most attention that evening.  Moments after Dustin Byfuglien punched Roberto Luongo in the head while driving the net, Alexandre Burrows and Duncan Keith mixed it up near center ice.  During the scrap, Burrows pull Keith’s hair and scratched his face with his finger nails.

Wow.  I mean… really.  That’s just probably the single biggest display of lack of manliness I’ve probably ever seen in all the years I’ve been watching hockey.  It even trumps the incident involving Alexander Semin earlier this year.

I lost a lot of respect for the Canucks and Burrows yesterday.  Defending your goalie is one thing, but pulling hair and scratching like a girl just has no place in a professional hockey game. 

I think Duncan Keith sums it up the incident best when he says, “That’s not something I’ve ever had happen to me.  My little sister never even pulled my hair when I was a kid. It’s kind of comical when you have a grown man trying to pull your hair on the ice.”

For those of you who missed the incident, scroll down.  The video includes the initial shot to Luongo by Byfuglien, and the ensuing fights with Burish/Bieksa and Burrows/Keith.

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