Blake Griffin gets flipped in First Round Win

Oklahoma big man Blake Griffin suffered a concussion last month from a blow to the jaw, and after last night… it’s clear that his season of getting roughed up isn’t quite over just yet.

Morgan State senior, Ameer Ali flipped Griffin over his back and onto the hardwood in the second half after the two became “entangled” in a dangerous looking incident that could have turned out worse for Griffin than it actually did.

While it was quite obviously an intentional foul that could have been avoided by Ali… and while it was much deserving of the ejection that Ali received, the backlash that has occured since the incident is completely uncalled for.

Bloggers and sports nuts across the internet have resorted to calling the Morgan State player(s) and their coach “thugs,” and I somewhat question if the cause for this based upon the fact that Morgan State is a traditionally African American school, while Oklahoma has a predominantly white student body and alumni.

People seem to see this incident as: “criminals from the African American school from Baltimore come to the national level with the intent to seriously injure their opponents.”  This event was by no means premeditated, and while it was unfortunate, I don’t know that generalized judgements of Morgan State, it’s coach, or it’s players as a whole are justified.

As somebody that has played basketball at numerous levels, I can say from personal experience that there is an unlimited amount of physical contact, pushing, tugging, etc. that happens in the key under the basket EVERY GAME.  Basketball is a very physical game under the hoop… and sometimes people get hurt and/or flagrant fouls happen.

So before you judge Ali or his university and/or sports program as a whole, consider the fact that Griffin was likely walking on, pushing, and elbowing Ali all game.  When they got tangled, Ali had a lack of judgement and flipped Griffin.  That’s the end of it.

If Ali had instead hidden a knife in his shoe and taken it out stabbed Griffin with it, then maybe I’ll concede that he’s a “thug,” but until that happens, just realize that basketball is a rough sport and get over it.

See below for a clip of the incident:


3 Responses to “Blake Griffin gets flipped in First Round Win”

  1. Maj Stuart Says:

    I can’t agree with the “backlash is completely uncalled for”. This young man could be the poster child for “unsportsmanlike conduct”, that on any level should be uncalled for. Not only should Morgan State take action against Ali, so should the MOAC. I certainly can’t blame his teammates or his coach, but Ali will certainly be on my list as the personification of someone that should never be allowed to play in the NCAA again. My sympathy goes out to Ali’s team and a very fine coach in Todd Bozeman and that they will be painted along with this “idiot”.

    • I agree with all your comments, but I think you may have mis-understood my message as you basically echo my sentiments. I have no problem with any disciplinary action that Ali may recieve.

      I have a problem when people speculate that the team, school, or coach are “thugs” like this is some sort of typical issue that happens every time Morgan State plays. It’s clearly an isolated incident that warrented the disciplinary action it received, but I just think that it’s inappropriate for people to generalize their thoughts of this inident onto the team, school, and/or coach.

      That is what I meant was “completely uncalled for.” People should be angry about the blatent foul. They should be angry at Ali… but they shouldn’t be angry at the coach or his teammates. They did nothing wrong.

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