Watchdog Group: Not Nintendo’s Friend Anymore

Annoying watchdog group, the National Institute on Media and the Family (NIMF) is complaining that Nintendo is taking a detour from it’s historically “family friendly image”with recent game titles for the Wii console including MadWorld (pictured right).

According to NIMF president, Dr. David Walsh: “The release of MadWorld for the Wii brings violent video games to a once family-friendly platform.  MadWorld is another reminder that parents need to make sure they watch what their kids watch and play what their kids play.”

Really?  Wait, wait… really?  So you’re telling me that parents should watch what their children are doing?  No way… that is just too revolutionary.  I mean… that’s just… wow.  What a concept…  Give that guy a Nobel Peace Prize for figuring out that parents of the world should watch what their children are doing… I would never have thought that was a good thing to do!

This is possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.  Wii is extremely “family friendly,” and has been since it’s inception… yet one or two violent games come out on the system and all of a sudden, it’s no longer safe for children.  Don’t sell it at Walmart, it’s just not safe for our kids…

… How absolutely ridiculous.

Last I checked, individual games still had to be purchased in order to play them, and I believe that the point of the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) ratings on games is to help keep the violent/mature games out of the hands of young children… so… what’s the problem?

Video games have some of the most stringent restrictions of all genres of entertainment, yet they continue to garner more attention by these watchdog groups than any other industry.  In my opinion, parents should be concerned about other genres of personal entertainment (such as literature) that contain very little regulation and have very little in the way of ratings systems.

Children can currently walk into any number of book stores in these United States and pick up literature such as: Dirty Girls – Erotica for Women (pictured left), which contains phrases like: “huge tits, huge cock, love juice, and throbbing cock” often within it’s text.  Many of these bookstores also have places to sit down, so that patrons can peruse books before they buy, so kids wouldn’t even have to spend money to expose themselves to such literature!  Isn’t that scenario far worse than a video game that costs $50+ and is forbidden (by law) to be sold to persons without proof of adequite age?

I appologize for the above explicit text, but I just loathe how every time a violent video game comes out, activists protest like it’s the end of the world.  What all these protesters need to do, is focus on their own children… who are likely at home playing violent games, watching pornography, and listening to uncut/hardcore rap while their parents are away at their little meetings and protests.

It’s each individual parent’s job to ensure that their children have a bright future.

Chew on that.


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