Obama Abolishes Stem Cell Research Restraints

In recent political news, President Barak Obama has repealed all restrictions on Federal funding for stem cell research that the George W. Bush Presidency established in August 2001 because of what was described (at the time) as “fundamental questions about the beginnings of life and the ends of science.”

In layman’s terms, the Bush administration had problems with the fact that much of stem cell research involves the destruction of human embryos.  This was a moral issue for our previous President that he felt was not worthy of any compromise, so he banned the Federal funding of such practices (funding of course, which comes indirectly from each and every tax payer in the country).

Obama however, has made it very clear (even before he was elected as President) that he is fine with killing live babies, so long as to uphold the current legality of abortion.  It is not too surprising then, to see him (as one person put it), “allow scientists to create their own guidelines without proper moral restraints.”

It will be interesting to see how many other moral grey-areas the Obama administration addresses with a black-white mentality over the next four years, but I think it’s safe to say that he is not yet done addressing such issues.

In a country that is getting less and less religious by the day, having a leader such as Obama seems completely appropriate for the direction our country is currently headed.

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AmericasRight offers a different point of view regarding this issue.  They write that this move is also a counterproductive one in the evolution of science.  After the Bush administration passed their executive order to deny Federal spending on stem cell research, numerous scientific advances were made in cellular research including the discovery that skin cells could possibly offer the same things that stem cells offer in terms of scientific research.

With everyone scrambling to figure out ways to continue cellular research after stem cells were denied funding, a lot of really legitimate advances in science were made.  With Obama’s recent actions making stem cells now available for Federal funding, there is realistically no reason to pursue such alternate avenues or scientific breakthrough.  So as AmericasRight suggests, while Obama thinks he’s helping scientific progress, he’s actually hampering it.

This is just another example of Obama acting impulsively and quickly without thinking through the vast repercussions for each and every one of his actions…  Just like the speculation that numerous jobs created by the stimulus package he signed will go to illegal immigrants, this was a completely foreseeable consequence to the removal of the funding ban if he and his administration had taken the time to assess the consequences of their actions.  Oh well.  No biggie.  It’s only our country he’s running.


2 Responses to “Obama Abolishes Stem Cell Research Restraints”

  1. Obama has really abolished this effort to stop it.

    Anyhow, what so ever this is, it could also be helpful for mankind.

    • There is no denying that there’s a possibility that such research can help mankind greatly… however, just because a certain scientific advancement may help mankind, doesn’t mean morality should be disgarded. I’m sure cloning humans to use for organ harvisting would greatly help mankind, but there’s a huge morality issue there.

      There are alternatives to stem cell research in particular that will now (likely) be largely disregarded.

      I’m not sure what you mean when you say that “Obama has really abolished this effort to stop it.” Perhaps you can elaborate on that point.

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