NHL 2009 Trade Deadline

With the NHL Trade Deadline fast approaching at 3:00 pm eastern time today (which as I write this, is roughly 3 hours from now), I thought I’d take a second out from hitting the refresh button on my web browser over and over to write up an analysis of some of the significant things that have happened in the last day or two.


The Rangers acquired “bad boy” W Sean Avery (pictured right) via waivers yesterday afternoon, and are now committed to him for the next three seasons.  Three seasons may seem like a like a long time for any team to commit to this guy, but NY seems to be the perfect fit for his extracurricular passions, and his loud mouth persona.  

The wild card in this situation is that Avery has a conditional no trade clause in his contract from the Dallas Stars… If the Rangers do get tired of him before his 3 years are up, it will be that much more difficult for them to move him.  That said, Avery’s antics have rendered him pretty much unwanted by the majority of NHL teams at this point, so trading partners would probably be limited to start with.

No trade clauses aside, this deal was just too good for the Rangers to pass up.  Consider that the juiciest part of this deal is the fact that Avery’s cap hit for the Rangers is only $1.938 million (as the Dallas Stars are charged with half of Avery’s salary and cap hit).  Avery left NY this past off-season solely because he wanted more money than the Rangers wanted to give him.  Well now he’s getting the money that he wanted, and the Rangers get their guy for the price that they wanted.  WIN-WIN.  Great pickup by the Rangers.  He should fit in nicely with a core group of guys that has already accepted him for who he is.


The Ottawa Senators traded W/C Antoine Vermette (pictured right) to Columbus for G Pascal Leclaire and a 2nd round draft pick.

This is potentially a good deal for both teams involved.  Vermette gives the Blue Jackets more offensive depth, and Leclaire gives the Senators a decent goalie (when healthy). 

I actually think that this deal could have been done without the draft pick, but kudos to Ottawa for getting that extra icing on their cake.

Vermette can play pretty much any forward position, and gives the Jackets a reliable face-off man (something teams need come playoff time), and a guy with great offensive skills and potential.  The Senators get a quality goalie with injury concerns but who can be a franchise goaltender when healthy.

While Leclaire (pictured left) will still likely miss the rest of this season, time will tell how well he does in Ottawa.  The last quality goalie that Ottawa acquired was Martin Gerber, and we’ve seen how that has worked out for the Senators.  The top 60 overall draft choice that they got in the deal will help lessen the blow if Leclaire does turn out to be a bust or injury case in the coming years for the Senators.

Good hockey deal by both sides.  The goaltending load in Columbus (now and in the future) is now squarely on rookie Steve Mason’s shoulders.

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