Don Cherry is an Idiot

Don Cherry is a flamboyant NHL analyst that Canadians seem to think is worthy of having a job as an NHL spokesperson on Canadian national television.

A couple of days ago, he absolutely ripped the best player in the game (Alex Ovechkin) for his goal celebrations (see below).

Now… I’m all for the traditional Canadian aspects of hockey… I too am a traditionalist in many senses when it comes to hockey.  I like fighting.  I like the code of ethics that players follow on the ice, and how they hold each other accountable for cheap shots. 

However, how anyone can suggest that anything that Ovechkin does is bad for the NHL is just asinine.  Ovechkin is the most entertaining player in the sport.  People love watching him play.  Apparently Cherry, for all his broadcasting experience, doesn’t understand that ratings pay his bills.  He should praise Ovechkin for what he brings to the game, and encourage more Canadian hockey players to play with the passion with which Ovechkin plays.

Cherry suggests that soccer players show too much emotion when they score.  Well I say this to his comparison between Ovechkin and soccer players:  If only hockey could be as popular as soccer around the world.  Soccer is arguably the most popular sport on this earth.  Perhaps part of that is because of the passion that these goal scorers play with. 

If Ovechkin brings that passion to the sport, and ultimately makes hockey more popular, how is this a bad thing?  Seriously.   Who cares if the NHL is popular?  Right Cherry?  How about we just not televise it?  That would limit the popularity of the game right?

What an idiot.

2 Responses to “Don Cherry is an Idiot”

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