Congress Gives Themselves More Money

In the news this morning, it was released that The United States Congress has proposed hefty increases (in many cases) to numerous domestic spending programs… this increase in spending will be in addition to the increased spending that’s already been proposed (and passed) in the recent $787 billion stimulus package.

Now I’m not necessarily against domestic spending… but when I read that “Congress also awarded itself a 10 percent increase in its own budget, bringing it to $4.4 billion,” I feel as though I’m in need of glasses or something.

Congress, the same group of people that has criticized numerous high powered corporate executives of failing companies for awarding themselves bonuses this past year, has just done the EXACT.  SAME.  THING.

… and nobody is making any fuss about it.  Talk about a double standard.  In times of unparalleled government spending, and nearly unparalleled economic turmoil, the 535 members of congress will have awarded themselves a $400 million budget increase (that’s approximately $747,664 PER MEMBER) in additional money.

When numbers such as $787 billion are in the news, $400 million may seem like pennies… but it’s not.  It’s a lot of money.  It’s a lot of money that is going directly to a Congress that has done nothing recently but increase government spending, increase our national debt, and run baseball players through the gauntlet.

Everyone was up in arms when failing executives awarded themselves bonuses… so why is nobody up in arms about Congress awarding themselves bonuses?  When you really think about it, what has Congress done lately to deserve such a hefty budget increase?


One Response to “Congress Gives Themselves More Money”

  1. […] The way I see it, Congress is not doing their job, and they are wasting taxpayers money… and check this out… less than a month ago, they awarded themselves $400 million in what is possibly best described as “bonuses.” […]

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