Andre Smith = Big Loser

Yesterday, I posted a quick recap of some of the winners and losers of the recent NFL Combine.  In this post, I mentioned the bizarre actions of Alabama Offensive Tackle Andre Smith. 

Well… late yesterday, an article over at cnbc broke down exactly how much money Smith may have lost due to his antics and poor decisions at this year’s NFL Combine.

Darren Rovell speculates in the article that had Smith been selected first overall, he may have gotten upwards of $30 million of guaranteed money.  Rovell then goes on to propose that should Smith drop as far as the bottom of the first round, he may only see about $6.1 million of guaranteed money.  That’s a staggering difference of 23.9 million dollars.

It really is interesting that a player can spend his entire life with a lucrative professional contract as his goal, only to literally shoot himself in the foot a month or two from achieving that goal.

It’s just amazing to me how anyone who was in college for 5 years could risk throwing that much money away for no reason(s) than childishness and stupidity…

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