Another Obama Promise… To be Broken?

Today, President Obama pledged to cut the nation’s ever-growing budget deficit in half by the end of his first (and boy do I hope last) term as President of the United States.

I know there are people out there who think that he’s “The Savior,” and there are people out there who think he can do anything, but seriously… there’s absolutely no chance in hell that Obama will be able to cut the nation’s budget deficit (which is a projected $1.5 trillion this year) in half within four years.

Less than two (seemingly long) weeks ago, Obama’s administration made a bill into law that will cost the nation $787 billion dollars.  This massive spending package is completely separate from any other existing government spending programs, that will cost additional money to maintain.

Consider that the economy is currently shrinking.  The United States’ gross domestic product (GDP) at this point is fairly consistantly less each month than it was the month before.  So our country is making less money, and we are spending much, much more money (via our President’s Stimulus Package), and yet somewhere in all of this, we’ll have the available resources to cut the budget deficit in half?

I hope everyone is watching this situation closely, and holding Obama to the promises he makes, because there is no way he can pull this off… not without people working… not without companies making money… not with businesses moving over seas… not with the addition of 787 billion dollars of debt… not with the housing market completely upside-down.  It just won’t happen.

Obama’s only chance in the world of even coming close to pulling this one off, is to cut spending in areas that Americans have grown accustomed to… and that isn’t something that he will ever do, especially if he desires any shot at a second term.

Every year since 1961, the United States has spent more money than it has generated… couple that with the fact that the GDP is shrinking, and you realize that Obama’s chances of keeping this particular promise are minuscule, at best.


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