Academy Awards – Commentary

Last night’s Academy Awards celebration was interesting… to say the least.  From Angelina Jolie (pictured left) snubbing Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet yet again, to the numerous musical numbers featuring some awkward pairings (Beyonce and Hugh Jackman?), to previous winners introducing best actor and actress nominees, it seemed as though there was always something queued up to draw your attention.

The results part of the awards last night were however, excruciatingly boring.  All of the above drama and pre-planned gimmicks were not enough to keep the actual results of the award show from being dull and predictable.  Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button came away with 11 of the 24 available awards, making the actual disclosure of winners… less than exciting to say the very least.

Some of the decisions and winners just seemed out-right wrong.  I couldn’t believe that WALL-E didn’t win either of the Best Sound Mixing or Best Sound Editing categories… the first two thirds of the movie included no spoken words and relied solely on sound and music.  Another huge shocker to me was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button winning the Best Makeup category over the likes of The Dark Knight and Hellboy2.  It’s not really surprising to see the Academy continue their trend of snubbing comic book movies, but how can anyone in their right mind neglect Hellboy2 in this category, when the movie is completely centered around special effects and makeup?

It was very good however, to see Heath Ledger (pictured right) win Best Supporting Actor for the role that realistically could have led to his accidental suicide.  I really don’t think that there was any actor (in any category) this past year who had a more impressive, more convincing performance than Ledger did in The Dark Knight.  It often seems like the Academy gets it wrong most of the time, so it was very refreshing (to say the least), when they awarded Ledger for his dramatic portrayal of “The Joker.”

Click Here for a complete list of the nominations and the winners of the 2009 Academy Awards.


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