Controversial Political Cartoon?

Take a look at the below picture.  A long look.  Analyze it carefully.  Make a personal judgement as to what it portrays and what it means to you (before continuing to read the rest of this post).

Delonas Political Cartoon from the NY Post

I view this cartoon as making light of the fact that the people who drafted the Stimulus Bill that recently passed through Congress, are monkeys.  Silly, Loud, Poo-Trowing monkeys.

Apparently, this is not the way that Al Sharpton interpreted this satire.  Sharpton says that the drawing invokes historically racist images in suggesting an ape wrote President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package.

…What???  … Really?

Because there’s absolutely no reference anywhere in the cartoon of President Obama, and any elementary school child knows that Presidents don’t write Legislative bills.  Monkeys are often the animal used in metaphors to depict silliness.  I suspect that the ultimate intent of this cartoon was to depict the silliness of congress and this stimulus bill.

How anyone can twist this into some sort of racial threat against the President’s life (as some people have), is just beyond me.


4 Responses to “Controversial Political Cartoon?”

  1. PermaAnalyzer Says:

    Seems like people making a mountain outta a molehile.

  2. I’m getting a broken link on the image file.

    • Hey Karen! Thanks for the heads up. It’s been fixed.

      A lot of my picture sources have been going dead lately. I’ve been hosting all pictures from newer posts here on F.E.G.N.S. to avoid future problems.

  3. The cartoon doesn’t really make much sense. If we accept that the monkey wrote the stimulus bill, okay, but that still doesn’t explain why the cops shot it. What was the context? Was there a case where an ape had to be shot by the cops around when this cartoon was drawn?

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