Mike Green Breaks Record

The resurgence of the Washington Capitals in recent years is largely due to incredible drafting and solid  managerial decisions, but is also a result of highly touted prospects now living up to (and possibly exceeding) their potential. 

 By now, everyone knows about what Alexander Ovechkinis doing for the Capitals (and the sport of hockey in as a whole).  Everyone is probably also quite familiar with the play-making ability of Nicklas Backstrom… but now, add Mike Green to the list of young Capitals stars that will likely find a place in the NHL Hall of Fame in the distant future.

 This past weekend Green broke Mike O’Connell’s NHL record established in 1983-84 (a year before Green himself was born) by scoring a goal in 8 consecutive games.  No defender in NHL history has ever scored in more consecutive games than Mike Green has.  This is a 23 year old defender (who is currently only in his third full season in the NHL) that we’re talking about here.

 Green is currently leading all defenders in goals, points, and powerplay points.  He is among the top 3 defenders in plus/minus.  His stats are this remarkable despite missing 13 of Washington’s 57 games so far this season. 

 It’s not too much to assume that this young Capitals team will be a major contender when the playoffs start.  With their franchise winger, centerman, and now defender in place, it’s not too outlandish to suggest that this team could be great for years to come… salary cap allowing.


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